Have you got an email list? And why you should.

In the digital marketing world it all still seems to be about followers, likes, fans, numbers, how many… you get what I’m saying.

It’s all good to raise awareness of you, your business and what you do. But what about when it comes to reaching out and communicating with your following? Are you reaching ALL your followers with that Facebook post? What about Instagram?

And just let’s say the algorithms change again and your reach drops even more. What if one of them was to close down? What then??

Well, in this post I am going to be looking at growing your email list. You might have one already, you might not have one. You might have one with your Mum and your dog on it and that’s it.

Whatever stage it is at, you should be looking to grow it at every opportunity. Your email list is one of the few ‘properties’ that you ‘own’ on the internet. I know that many got scared off with GDPR but in all reality

  • if you have a privacy policy
  • only use their information the way you said you were going to
  • be clear and concise about marketing
  • keep it secure
  • provide value, you are not going to go too far wrong.

For a business of mine, I’ve made it a priority to get my list growing. I feel I am missing out on reaching out to my potential and existing customers more through the use of email.

It’s not all about marketing, but using a channel to provide information and value to those that follow the business.

So what am I going to do to help grow my email list? The following is assuming that you have a website and an email provider – if you don’t let me know and I can maybe help out.

Set a target

The first thing I am going to do is set a target. I am going to grow my email list by 200 in the next 2 weeks.

Now, that might not seem a lot to many, but it is a start and its a goal to aim for. You can choose whatever number you wish to grow your list by, but be realistic.

200 in the next 14 days is equal to 14/15 new subscribers per day, that’s not too shabby a number.

Opt-In Offer

Now, is not essential to offer anything other than your newsletter or ‘Boss Notes’ that Amy Landino likes to call them or the GaryVIP ‘Hustlers Digest’. Get creative with what you are offering, don’t just call it a newsletter.

You can add a workbook on and are in digital marketing such as Instagram Stories for Business or a discount / free shipping code for e-commerce businesses. Or maybe 3 lunchtime healthy eating recipes for busy office workers. keep it relevant to what you offer / sell / provide though. You want engaged subscribers here.

So get thinking of what you could offer, if anything, and give the emails a name. It doesn’t matter what it’s called if you provide value the name will mean something to people after.

Drive Traffic

So you’ve got yourself an opt-in offer. Given your emails a name. Everything is set to go. What you need to do now is drive traffic to that sign-up box.

How do I do that?

Let’s start with your website. Your sign up box needs to be visible or easy to get to. Reduce the friction as much as you can to allow people to sign up. Have it at the end of your blog posts, or even in the middle of them, I’ve seen many bloggers do this now.

Outside of your website you can drive people to sign up on your website through posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter [enter your favourite and used social sites] let people know that you have a VIP list and what they can get.

If you are in Facebook groups that are relevant to those that you are trying to attract, get yourself noticed. Comment and interact, not in a spammy manner, but in a helpful and providing value way. Chances are people will look up your profile, so have a link to your list there as well.

You could also do guest blogging, podcasting (your own or as a guest) YouTube videos, Pinterest. There are endless possibilities to where you can look at to attract attention and get people to want to know and get more from you.

Send those emails

Yes, send emails to your subscribers – with the first being a thank you follow up email. The number of lists that I have signed up to and didn’t even get a thank you or confirmation email is…

Do this and you’ve already let down your subscribers from the first minute.

You can set up this as an automatic sequence and you don’t have to worry about sending an email every time someone subscribes to your list. Check out your chosen email provider but I have used MailChimp, Convertkit * and Klayvio previously and know that they all give this option.

As well as your thank you email, remember and provide value and what you said you were going to provide with your digest, bulletin, notes. And on schedule. Pick a day that you can commit to and keep to it. If you say every Thursday my next email is, send it every Thursday.

You can plan a little in advance if you have a schedule. Block some time off in your calendar to make sure you get that email ready. Nothing worse than rushing at the last minute trying to write an email to go out.

Right, better and sort out my own sign up box and start driving subscribers to my list. If you have any feedback or questions, get in touch.

Oh and if you are interested… sign up box below 😉

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*This is an affiliate link. You don’t have to sign up but if you do, I’ll get a few pennies from ConvertKit which will help me continue to write posts for this blog 🙂

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