6 Things To Do To Get Your First 500 Followers

You’ve joined the Instagram, set up your account, got some posts and started following others. And now you are looking to reach your first 500 followers! Well, you are not alone.

Whilst the number of followers is not the most important thing in the world, we all want growth on our account. It’s good to have a following so that you can get your message or what you do out to the world. We want to share it with others.

So, let’s dig through the key steps you need to take to grow to that first 500 followers…


The first thing you need to do is focus. Make the platform, creating content and engaging with others a priority. The most common question we get is how often should I post? There is no real right or wrong answer here. There are a number of things you should consider and that is your time – how much time do you have, what your followers might expect, and the quality of your posts. We don’t want to be posting just for the sake of posting. We got to keep it on message and with quality images.

There are two ways you could go about this

  1. post once a day, or
  2. post 3 times per day

the reasons being is that once per day is making sure you stay consistent. It also lets Instagram know that you are relevant and that you provide contnet that may be of interest to the many millions that are using the platform everyday.

Posting 3 times per day, if you have plenty of good content to share, can help with quicker growth as you have more content to be enagged with quickly. It also allows you to experiment more with hashtags on a daily basis and we will cover that later…

Make it a habit – everyday

Instagram is looking for and promotes those that post regular, quality and engaging content. Posting every day makes you relevant, just like keeping your website up to date and adding blog posts etc kept you relevant in the search engines, posting on Instagram does the same.

It doesn’t have to be for hours. start with say 15 minutes.

Post your content, look at others content, like, comment and engage. And answer any comments you get, doing this helps you build a relationship with your followers as well as rank your content higher as engaging.

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

There is a lot of debate about whether hashtags are important, how many and even where they should go.

But the thing here is that when you add a hashtag to your post 9in the caption or in a comment) Instagram will index that content in to the relevant searches. So for anyone that is looking at posts for a particular hashtag, there is a chance that your post will appear. It is also true for those that follow hashtags as that content can appear in their feeds.

So get out there and hashtag. It is native to Instagram and people expect them. 10, 20 or even 30 – add them to your posts. But do use relevant hashtags and not just a random selection to fill up the numbers. Make them relevant to your post. Nothing worse than seeing an image that has nothing to do with the hashtag at all, it’s just spammy.

Let others know, and on other platforms

If you are serious about growing your Instagram and having more people follow you, you got to tell them about it! It’s getting busier and more crowded. Let people know you are in amongst the crowd and most importantly your username – mine is @scottgwd and these will be the steps I’ll be using to grow this account as I develop it for my Instagram and online business posts.

So head to your Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else that you have a following and let them know that you are on Instagram, link to your account with your username, let them know what you are up to and can expect from you.

Follow others, including big brands

Another way to get exposure for yourself is to follow others – friends you know, people that you want to follow and of course, big brands.

Why? I hear you ask…

People like to go through and see who is following who, that’s why.

Yes, whether we admit it or not,  we can be nosy at times and wonder who is following brand x or indeed who they may be following. And the same goes for your friends and those that you would like to follow. Have a look, you may just be surprised as to who you may find!

Tell people

I know I said to let everyone know you are on Instagram but this is more about letting friends, family, and others know that this is where you hang out. And this is where they can connect, follow and message you.

Already got 500 followers? Awesome, what things did you do to get your first 500 followers?

What else about Instagram would you like to learn about?

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